About the Book

Death speaks to me.

A person’s face in death mirrors their living and their dying. This book speaks of both.

Life, through the loss of many loved ones, has crushed me open – and left behind many clear and important messages for the living. Each message is different, and each changed how I live my life. This is what I want to share with you… deathbed revelations about how to live.

I received these messages from the people I was grieving; but their wisdom is for everyone, whether grieving or not. They are stories of the interwoven beauty of life and death.

I hope your journey through my experiences gives you the same gifts I received from them and delivers a fresh perspective on the events in your life. For anyone who has experienced the unbearable sorrow of death, I hope it brings light to your mourning.


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Excerpt From the Book

by Wade Butler | Light in The Mourning

“Life is not the opposite of death. It is birth and death that are opposites. Life is the continuum of birth and death eternally, and now.
Read this engrossing book for your own insights into reality.”

Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Best Selling Author, Life After Death: The Burden of Proof

“The subject of death, especially in The United States, lays in a wasteland of denial.  

When I met Margo Lenmark, I immediately recognized her as an important “outlier” on the subject of death and dying. Rather than coming from just a scientific discipline, Margo’s “second sight” brings her stories a deeply needed authenticity that embraces all religions and spiritual practices. 

Ms. Lenmark is a woman of remarkable insight. This important book brings comfort to all those who have suffered loss. More importantly, her gift will give all of us an opportunity to face both life and death with hope and serenity.”

Genie Appel-Cohen


“A stunning book! Light in the Mourning is filled with compelling stories that grabbed my heart and transformed me inside and out.

Thank you, Margo, for the gift of this beautiful and life-changing book.”

Marci Shimoff

International Speaker, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author, Happy for No Reason, Love For No Reason

“I’m personally very moved by this book.

Margo Lenmark, with her book, Light in the Mourning as the vehicle and guide, provides us with intimate and personal details about herself and important loved ones in her life. Her descriptions help us appreciate who she and they are and at the same time we gain significant Universal and Spiritual knowledge about life and death.

Her personal revelations took strong courage and deeply felt love so that others can better understand their relationships to loved ones and when these relationships transition from the living person to one who has passed away. She has given us a gift that has meaning in the present and can keep on giving. This is truly an act of love.”

Barry Ostrow, M.D.

General Psychiatrist, Geriatric Psychiatrist, and Psychoanalyst

“Everyone should read this book unless you don’t plan on dying. It brought me past all the petty stuff in my life. Every story is filled with unexpected wisdom that has opened my eyes to the beauty of death and even made me look forward to it. This book will speak to anyone.”

Cynthia Swanson

Vice President/Owner, Arc Indexing Inc.

“Light In The Mourning is a fascinating insight into the emotional and spiritual revelations experienced by Margo through important relationships whom she has lost through death.  It is through those who have touched us that we learn the true meaning of life, gifts they gave us and the path we choose to follow for our own peaceful, loving experience.  Margo leads us through stories that help us in our own self discoveries from those we have lost in life.  

Great book and great experience for me reading it. Thank you.”

Carolyn Holder

MA, LPC, Certified Thanatologist, Certified Grief Counselor

“Reading Margo Lenmark’s book, Light in the Mourning, was a truly fascinating, mind-opening, heart-expanding and thoroughly entertaining experience!  Margo is a marvelously gifted and courageous story teller with so much wit, wisdom and passion, that each chapter held me totally captivated.

I believe this to be an extraordinary book with the power to truly nourish the soul, soothe the heart and guide the mind into a deeper and more reverent understanding of our uniquely sacred human journey. I wholeheartedly recommend it!”

Sergio Baroni

LCSW, Psychotherapist in private practice

“As an oncologist I deal with death daily. Personally I recently lost both parents. Reading Margo’s book was such an inspiration! She is so positive and the lesson from the book is not only how to process the pain of losing a loved one but also the direction in how to live life. Love and forgiveness trump all. Read this book and you will surely have a smile on your face and joy in your heart”

Yvonne Mack, M.D.

Radiation Oncologist


Margo has journeyed far from her Midwestern roots to live a fulfilling life in service of others. She has taught meditation and stress management in major U.S. corporations, as well as in Egypt, India, the Philippines, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Before alternative medicine was in vogue, she started and managed an Ayurveda health center in Palm Beach, Florida.

Her varying interests have run the gamut from relationship coaching to officiating weddings to managing a rock band. She has been a Realtor for the past 20 years in Blowing Rock and Boone, North Carolina where she currently resides.